New publications by Prof. Frauke Kraas of the University of Cologne, Germany

IGC 2012 Cologne で共同組織委員長をなさったFrauke Kraas

1. "Humanity on the move - The transformative power of cities"
2. "The urban planet"


Dear colleague,

With great pleasure I can inform you today about the publication of our flagship report "Humanity on the move - The transformative power of cities"

1. The English full version is now published. Summaries in English, Spanish and Chinese language are also avaliable The reports are published online. The report is a contribution to Habitat III to be held 17.-20. October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador.

The PDF can be downloaded

- either from this ResearchGate link:

- or from the WBGU website.

English: http://www.wbgu.de/en/home/ (summary)



2. Furthermore, we have published an urbanisation comic, "The urban planet"
in English and Spanish language which can be downloaded under:

As the comic shall be dissemminated in schools, we are looking forward to any hints from you if you might know sponsors who can help to translate and print it in other languages, too.

With best regards! Frauke Kraas


[フォーラム]12/3 持続可能な社会の実現に向けた草の根活動の振興-IYGU(国際地 球理解年)の試み





チラシ http://janet-dr.com/07_event/161201/161201_leef.pdf

第2回防災学術連携シンポジウムの更新版(来賓挨拶確定)チラシ(両面)をお送りし ます。

貴学会やご関係団体のホームページ等に ご掲載下さいますようお願い致します。
防災学術連携体のウェブサイトにも同様の情報がありますので、こちらにリンク頂いて も結構です。

106日より申し込み受付も始めております。皆様のご参加もお待 ちしております。




転載 ニュースレター8号【防災学術連携体】2016.10.06




主 催:日本学術会議防災減災・災害復興に関する学術連携委員会、防災学術連携体
日 時:2016年12月1日(木) 10:00〜18:00
会 場:日本学術会議講堂
資 料:「学術の動向」特集:防災学術連携体の設立と取組(入場時に定価777円を700円で頒布)

セッション1 「国土利用と台風・豪雨災害」

セッション2 「台風・豪雨災害への備え」

セッション3 「台風・豪雨災害時の避難・救助・復興」



会場:日本科学未来館 7階未来館ホール
日時:2016年11月6日 10:30-12:00 (入場無料、資料あり、10時受付開始)

「科学者は災害軽減と持続的社会の形成に 役立っているか?」が開催されます。
日時:2016 年11月13日(日) 13:00-17:30



・場所:東京大学 安田講堂

① 「52学会の結集による防災への挑戦—熊本地震における取組み」
・場所:東京大学 安田講堂

② 「火山災害にどう備えるか」及び「東京圏の大地震にどう備えるか」
・場所:東京大学 山上会館

③ 展示「日本学術会議・防災学術連携体の活動」
・場所:東京大学 安田講堂 3階回廊にて展示

・ 08/27 10:00-12:30 日本地質学会「都市の地下を知って安全な社会を!」
・ 08/27 13:00-14:30 日本学術会議「災害は貧困を加速する:持続可能な開発に向けた防災・減災の貢献」
・ 08/28 10:00-11:50 日本火山学会「火山防災シンポジウム 最近の噴火にみる火山研究と防災」
・ 08/27-28「日本集団災害医学会の紹介ポスター展示」山上会館1階ロビー
・ 08/27-28「日本地理学会災害対応委員会の紹介ポスター展示」小柴ホール 2階ホワイエ


転載 The latest news from the IYGU - October Newsletter

IYGU Newsletter #4/2016 が届きました。123日開催の日本学術会




Dear colleagues,
Since our last newsletter in September, 2016, many exciting developments have taken place. There are two new Regional Action Centers, one in South Korea and in Turkey, and the Brazilian RAC just held their official opening ceremony! 
Keep reading to go over the most important events, updates, and developments for the IYGU!
Best wishes,

Benno Werlen, IYGU Executive Director

Spotlight on Latin America!

CNI Sustainability 2016 - IYGU, Biodiversity and Forests

"The International Year of Global Understanding has succeeded by gathering all the pillars, elements, actors and dimensions that should be involved to advance in view of the planet sustainability". (Eliezer Batista, key initiator of the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, Rio+20 Earth Summit, and patron of IYGU)

On September 22 the Brazilian Chamber of Industry (CNI) hosted its annual sustainability event in cooperation with the IYGU in Rio de Janeiro on “Biodiversity and Forests”: new business models for the industry of tomorrow”.
It was opened by José Sarney Filho (Minister of the Environment) and Robson Braga de Andrade (President of the National Confederation of Industry). 
 The event was facilitated by journalist Rosana Jatobá. Unfortunetly IYGU Patron Eliezer Batista was unable to attend, however Inguelore Scheunemann (below left) spoke on his behalf. Click the links to read the speech in Portuguese and in English

CNI Sustainability has established a new partnership with the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) in order to bring together corporate business, national and international specialists from different areas to discuss sceneries, challenges and opportunities of the sustainability agenda towards the industry of tomorrow.

First panel: ‘How socio-environmental values influence production and consumption patterns’: with the panellists Klaus Töpfer (IYGU Patron, above right), Gordon McBean (IYGU Steering Committee, bottom, second from the right), Marcos Troyjo (Director of BRICLab at Columbia University, Brazil), Kersten Karl Barth (Substainibility Director Siemens; International Chamber of Commerce - below left), and Benno Werlen (IYGU Executive Director), and others.

Second panel "The market's role in the valuation of forests and biodiversity" For additional information click

More photos are available here.

CNI 2016 Sustainability Event highlighted in one of the most important brazilian newspapers in a seven pages documentary

O Globo - the secong biggest brazilian newspaper (the newspaper has a readership of around 1.5 million people) - has gave prominence to CNI's Sustainable Event with a special issue that could be downloaded here and article on its digital version.

Opening Ceremony for the Brazilian RAC

The Ordinary (daily) Look at Nature, Sports, and other Things.... 

The Opening Ceremony for the Brazilian RAC was held from September 6-10 at the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy in Rio de Janeiro. Table opening with Ambassador Luis Fernando Gouvea de Athayde, João Carlos Mariani, vice president of FIRJAN, Federal Judge and President of the Association of Federal RJ Judges, and Holy Spirit, Wilson Witzel, Joao Ricardo Moderno, President of the Academy Brazilian Philosophy, Inguelore Scheunemann, a member of the Executive Committee IYGU, Ambassador Lauro Moreira, and Sybelle de Jongh, coordinator of IYGU Regional Action Center for Brazil and Latin America. Find out more here


Global Understanding and UN Sustainable Development Goals

International event on September 20, 2016 in Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil: “Planting the future to change the world” - Global Understanding based on local actions. The discussion of the "2030 Agenda" and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

International Colloquium from September 30 to October 1, 2016 in Alto Paraíso, Goiás, Brazil, on integrated cultural management: Strategies for articulation and implementation of sustainable development platforms. A few photo impressions and the program are above. 

Political Ecology and Global Understanding in Chile

The RAC in Chile hosted the above event on September 26.

Also, our Chilean RAC is involved in the 2nd Latin-American Congress of Political Ecology
, which will be held from November 8-11, 2016 in San Pedro de Atacama. 

Cooperation of Future Earth & The IYGU

The cooperation with Future Earth, with its director Paul Shriastava, already a long time partner of IYGU, is now on the way to be implemented in form of specific actions. This includes to work closely together in the Future Earth and ICSU co-sponsored program ‚Integrated Research on Disaster Risk’ directed by Rajib Shaw and the recently launched  ‚Sea Change’ project:

Sea Change : Catalytic Conversion of Water Culture and Infrastructure

‘Sea Change aims to tackle the “problem of water”, particularly with regards to how decisions are made about water as resource, as culture, and as part of nature.’ 

The first step of this cooperation includes for the moment besides Future Earth, CIPSH and IYGU six other academic partners.

New Global Partners

The most import international scientific organizations in the field of Anthropology just joined efforts to IYGU! The World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA), which has more than 5000 members, and The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), with more than 30 scientific comissions are now part of our global network in order to promote IYGU activities.

Regional Action Center update

Since our last newsletter, we have established two new exciting RACs: In the Republic of Korea Prof. Dr. Je-Hun Ryu is the contact person for our RAC located at the Department of Geography at the Korea National University of Education, and in Turkey Prof. Dr. Barbaros Gönençgil is responsible for our RAC located at the Department of Geography at Istanbul University.

Click here to get an overview of the active RACs and contact details, here for an upcoming events calendar, and here
 to see a world map showing activities in your area. Click here to meet the people behind the RACs and hear more about their institutions and projects. 

Tell Your Story Competition goes live!
Find out more here!

Call for Proposals - World Humanities Conference 2017

The world Conference will accept proposals of sessions, symposia and of papers.
The sessions are organized under the sub-topics of six sections, as in the attached list; it is possible to propose sessions within the sections, until November 1, 2016.
The symposia are organized by a professional association or a specific group, and should address a specific theme not covered by the sessions. Symposia proposals must include a minimum of six papers by different participants, and may be proposed until January 31, 2017.
The papers are submitted for any of the sessions listed in the attachment and the conference website, and may be submitted until March 30, 2017. More informations here.

Science Council of Japan promotes the IYGU

The Science Council of Japan (SCJ) organizes the Symposium"Promotion of grassroot activities towards realization of sustainable society: an IYGU initiative". The event will be held in SCJ's Main Hall on December 3. Sponsors are the Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU), Japan Organization of Geographical Sciences (